Dharani FaM CooP Ltd., registered in March 2008, under MACS Act, is a federation of sanghas and a producer owned business enterprise, promoted by the Timbaktu Collective. It has been formed to help the farmers with the post-production processes and marketing. It procures, stores, processes and markets its members’ produce under brand name Timbaktu Organic.


Vision & Mission

The vision of the Dharani is to restore the ecologically beneficial farming practices of small-holder farmers in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, thus improving the health of the soil, the animals and the families of the farmers themselves while ensuring the continued viability of agriculture in the region.

The mission of Dharani is to establish a working link between its farmer members and the competitive agricultural produce market, while working to reestablish environmentally sustainable, economically viable farming practices in the area. The idea is to work towards uniting small-holder farmers in an effort to ensure their economic success and combat the negative impact of recent agricultural policies and climate change.


How we started?

In the beginning, in the year 2005, when the need for “marketing” of small holder farmers’ organic produce was felt, Adisakthi Women’s Cooperative stepped forward and offered to take the responsibility. Adisakthi also invested Rs. 200,000 into the initiative. In due course, the potential for a new producer owned cooperative was found.

In April 2008, after intensive discussions among the farmer members, the “Dharani Vyavasaya mariyu Marketing Paraspara Sahayaka Sahakara Sangham Ltd” meaning “Dharani Farming and Marketing Mutually Aided Co-operative society Ltd” was registered under Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Co-operative Societies Act. Adisakthi MATCS, the women’s cooperative, handed over the venture including the assets and liabilities to this newly formed cooperative. Thus the business venture called “Adisakthi Dharani” was renamed as “Dharani FaM Co-op Ltd” with a new board of directors.