9th Annual General Body Meeting

Dharani's 9th AGM was held on 28th July, 2017 at Dharani premises in CK Palli.The event witnessed mo[...]

8th Annual General Body Meeting

On 19th July, 2016, Annual General Body meeting of Dharani took place in C.K.Palli. More than 380 fa[...]

Dharani distributes patronage bonus

Dharani has distributed Rs.5.54 lakhs (Rs. 0.55 million) as patronage bonus to its member farmers. 3[...]

Dharani Decentral!

Three mandal level organic farming and marketing cooperatives - Avani, Bhoomatha and Vasudha have be[...]

Dharani sets up new processing centres

Two additional processing centres, one at Kuntimaddi village and one at Cherukuru village are being [...]