Social investing in Dharani

Timbaktu collective and Dharani mobilised funds from friends and farmers. Some of these were with interest and some were interest free. Interest is paid on loans-with-interest at the rate of 5 % p.a. About Rs. 10 million (Rs. 1 crore) is mobilised out of which, Rs 5.5 million (Rs. 55 lakhs) are without any interest at all.

Loans, over the years, have been paid off. March 2014 showed balance loans of Rs. 1.8 million (Rs. 18 lakhs) out of which Rs. 1.5 million (Rs.15 lakhs) are interest-free loans and Rs. 300,000 are loans with interest of 5 % p.a.

In April 2015 69 of the Timbaktu Collective staff lent Rs. 6.4 million (Rs.64 lakhs) at 7.5% interest.

The interest free loans particularly have strengthened the farmer’s efforts in procurement, processing, value addition and marketing.

How you can help / support:

Dharani is setting up 12 millet processing units in different villages to serve farmer families (and others) eat what they grow.

Dharani is also setting up 2 processing plants to make it easier to procure are process the produce.

Dharani is scaling up its outreach to serve over a thousand small holder farmers. This will require additional funds to enable procurement and value-addition.

Dharani is also planning to convert its main processing plant to Solar energy.

Your donations and/or loans will go a long way in ensuring that the above mentioned plans come to fruition.

Your support helps small holder farmers grow healthier food in a sustainable way, eat better and ensure that the consumers also eat good, healthy food.

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