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Handpicked Groundnuts (1 kg.)

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Our organically grown groundnuts are handpicked and hand cleaned.

Nutrition values of Timbaktu Organic Groundnuts:

Protein (% mass) 29.96
Fat (% mass) 47.49
Carbohydrates (% mass) 11.55
Energy (K Cals / 100 g) 593.45


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Product Description

Groundnut cultivation is widespread in Anantapur District. It is a matter of pride for the farmer to be known as a groundnut farmer. In a good year, with a good yield the farmer also get a good income. But groundnut cultivation in Anantapur has also had a shadow side. Intensive chemical use has rendered lands infertile and the soils have lost much of their strength. In fact, groundnut cultivation is one of the reasons farmers have been tossed into unrecoverable debt cycles.

Our attempt is twofold: one to ensure that farmers are weaned away from intensive chemical-based groundnut cultivation to a more sustainable organic practice; second to encourage them to cultivate more food crops so that they and their families don’t end up in starvation.

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Weight 1000 g


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